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Cobwebs (PT2)

Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 @ 5:40am by Walter Jones & Jan Valentine & Charlotte Ashcroft & Bruce Air (PNPC)

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Hanger Bay

Jones stepped off of the elevator, Klaxxons still blaring. In front of him and the crew was a wide hangar, several small shuttle craft were parked around the wide expansive cavern. Several crews scurried about, trying to get their clients ships ready to depart.

Jones looked out, and in the distance, saw the familiar yellow outline of his beloved ship.

"Alright, cleaning crew let's get over there and get it back."

"I've interfaced with the main computer, least we know it's functional. Hmm.....bloatware, garbage, junk, trackers, hah, speed governors." Jan said, vocalizing his thought processes.

"Okay, seems like she's actually ready to go, there's a few minor things that they glossed over, but she'll fly." Jan said.

"The authority codes," Morgan passed Jan a small device in his left hand. "Provided by the current, and soon to be previous, owner to allow us access without tripping intruder alarms."

"Impressive," Lottie nodded at the group moved forward. "Let's not waste any more time."

"I agree, I'm sure whatever havoc is going on down there, I'm sure it isn't going to take long for it to reach us up here." Jones turned and looked at the old ship. "I forgot how beautiful it is" He paused for a moment before motioning to the others to move.

As they moved, the hanger became more and more of a jumbled mess as people scrambled to leave.

"Attention, attention, by order of the management, all flights are cancelled, please proceed to the main hall and wait for further instructions. Security teams proceed to hangar bay."

"Well." Jones looked at the crew. "A little warning never bothered us before." Walt smiled as he moved towards one of the small freight carriers that was parked. "I figure let's just hop on this, once we are closer we can climb in, get it all fired up and the mosey on our way, sound good?"

"Attention, attention, by order of the management, all flights are cancelled, please proceed to the main hall and wait for further instructions. Security teams proceed to hangar bay."

"This'll take crackerjack timing to get onboard and outta here." Jan said, grabbing a mop and bucket on the deck and strolling over to the ship.

Morgan's hand wandered to the inside pocket of his coat. The three vials were still in place ready. He resisted the temptation to check them further. A time may come when they were needed. At that point they would either work, or they wouldn't. He made a mental note to update the crews inoculations as soon as possible.

He fell in step next to Jones, "Remember we are staff with a job to do, not guests. Don't rush, look bored. Any security who try to stop us, ask them to sign for your hours of lost productivity. They will be unwilling, I expect."

"What about me?" Lottie asked tugging at her waitress outfit. "I don't exactly blend in well here?"

Morgan glanced an appraising eye over the uniform, "Once we are finished fumigating the Mess and Galley, they will need to be restocked to the clients particular requirements. You will, of course, be ensuring these specification are met."

All around the group ships took off and tried to escape the hanger. Some making it out, other being locked into the docking clamps, shearing off landing legs and tethers. The Warden however, hovered gracefully in the air, a ramp lead up to the starbord docking port. Three goons hovered around the entrance while another two stood at the door. They appeared to be attempting to pry it open.

"Stop.. don't come any closer. By order of Mr. Allowt no one is to enter the SS Pleasure Palace." One of the goons stuck his hand out.

"Umm, we're here on cleaning business. Talk to the management man." Walt pushed past the goon, and starting walking up the stairs.

The goon started to turn, hand moving towards his holster, when Jan spoke up loudly.

"That's right! We have special access to this vessel for a major bio hazard cleanup, Level....5 Orange." Jan said, waving the access pad lazily near the guards faces.

"We've got a tight schedule to keep, we need to decontaminate the the medlab, crew quarters, and anywhere else that might be tainted with Fibonian Anthraxapox" Jan said, stumbling up the ramp.

He turned, swaying a bit, sloshing water out of his bucket onto a guards boot.

Morgan swallowed hard. He tried not to pull a face at 'Fibonian Anthraxapox', which Jan had obviously heard somewhere and thought sounded scary and medical. He hoped none of the grunts had hidden a hidden doctorate in advance mathematics. He might as well said they were all going to die of Scrofula, or Man-Flu. Some part of him wished people took more interest in his field. Much more of him was glad of general ignorance.

"Of course, if y'all wanna explain personally to Mr. Allowt why his client has suddenly died of Anthraxapoxacillin, please, go ahead and sign this work denial form." Jan said, waving the padd near a guard again.

Walt looked at the two. "You all going to let us through or not?" Jones kept moving towards the port hole.

"Fine, hurry up." The goon looked at the motley crew. "Any weapons on you?"

"Just a sharp tongue." Walt was already pushing pas the goon.

"Hey... last thing, gotta scan your retina. The guard put his hand on The Captain's chest. "Can't just let anyone waltz on tho this thing. We already checked it out, bunch of stuff on here that we wouldn't want missing."

Jones turned and looked at the others before sliding a hand into his pocket to produce a few strips of Latinum. "I don't think that will be needed."

The goon looked at Jones and the crew and slid the door open.

"After you all"


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