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Sky Summers

Name Sky Summers

Position Other

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Risan
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 99 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Physical Description Sky is an elegant, sophisticated young women. Maticulusly well presented and perfectly made up regardless of the situation. Always wearing some of the most exotic clothing designed to excentuate her physical appearance, and some of the most dazzaling jewelry that you could possibly hope to see. Often you will find a playful smile tugging at the edges of her lips, and a playful twinkle in her eyes.


Father Aeron Summer
Mother River Summer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sky has a gentle, relaxed soul and is often the 'Listener' of the group. She is however alot stronger than her outward appearance would allow you to believe. She is well versed in some of the more exotic and graceful forms of martial arts, Klingon Moq'bora being one. Her gentle soul and strong character often go hand in hand with the chosen career she has adopted.

She often has a sharp reply waiting to snap back at anyone who may deserve it, and she takes a deep dislike of being refered to as a Whore.
On the whole however she is kind, generous and alwasy willing to be a shoulder to cry on, and for the right price, the stunning beauty that either men or women would take to high class functions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her hidden strength would fall to her compassion in regards to all living things. She will be the first to run to the aid of those in need but often times would lead herself into trouble. Her compassion blinds her to the danger's around her.
Ambitions To hear as many stories from her clients and friends, and not to mention everyone else that she meets. Stories are the spice of life and how most Humanoid species convey life experiance. Sky wants to gather as much life in the form of story as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Sky is an accomplished musictian and is able to play not only the Earth Flute, but the piano and the Vulcan Lute. She is also an exceptional vocalist and has wowed the peoples of amny planets, including Risa, Earth, Bajor and Betazed.

Amoung her many talents also lies an Atristic flair, specifically in the use of water color paints. Most of her creations hang on the walls of her shuttle's client cabin.
Languages Federation Standard, Risan, Bajoran, Vulcan

Personal History Born to Aeron and River on Risa, Sky grew up learning the ways bestowed upon her people, specifically in the art of Jamarharon. Her childhood was sheltered, never experiancing anything beyond what happens on her own planet. The Dominion War and short lived war with the Klingons was just news on the Media service and it never felt wholy reality. She would see the stories and wish she could experiance the wonders of the galaxy.

This drive to expariance the passions and grief of peoples beyond her own. At a young age she expressed a desire to learn how to pilot vessels which her farther agreed too. Both her parents knew that this would be the start of the rest of her life.
With this in mind her farther bought her her very own long range shuttle. It only has two compartments, a toilet and an engineroom/cockpit, but it became her home after she had finished her studies in both the ways of the Risan people as well as her piloting lessons.

At the age of twenty two she had left home and her planet with the blessing of her family. Not many Risans left the homeworld, but those that did always became the most cultured and broad minded of the species. She set sail in the depth of space with nothing but her little vessel and will to explore and understand.
Three years after her departure she ran into trouble and waas cast adrift without power and no hope of rescue until a cargo vessel stumbled across her and took her in.
Service Record Blue Moon - Her own private craft. Cockpit/enginerrom combined. two compartments one of which is her client recption area.