The Sim

Welcome to the SS Warden, a civilian simm based on the Star Trek Universe.

Many of the story lines you will find here explore the darker side of the galaxy. Through the various series and movies we are exposed to the ideals of the Federation and Starfleet, but what about the rest of the Galaxy? How do people not exactly aligned with one of the major factions get by day to day? How do they scrape together a living in the cold, dark, unforgiving galaxy?

This simm primarily draws from Star Trek universe but many influences can be found from several other series such as Firefly and Cowboy Bebop

If you would like to experiment with a new concept for a character, the Warden is the place to do it, since this is a civilian simm we are not constrained to the typical roles found on a normal Starfleet simm. If you have a great idea for a character, please feel free to contact the CO and outline your idea.

Please note: Due to the darker nature of the stories and ideas expressed on the SS Warden, this is an 18+ Simulation.

Walter Jones

First Mate/XO
Charlotte Ashcroft