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Jan Valentine

Name Jan Ivan Valentine

Position Engineer/Mechanic

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Lagashi
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 208 lbs
Hair Color brown/grey
Eye Color brown, Artificial
Physical Description Radiation scars across the left side of his face, the skin is noticeably pitted and scarred. his left eye has been replaced with a complex and well crafted Lagashi model 97 eyepiece.


Children none
Father Юрий (Yuri) Valentine (deceased 2380)
Mother Надя (Nadia) Valentine (retired Mars Surface Patrol Officer)
Brother(s) Виктор (Victor) Valentine (deceased 2378)
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jan was once a friendly, outgoing man, friend of many fellow officers. after his accident, he became a darkened individual, scraping by on overpriced repair jobs and fake weapon specs. He works hard to restrain himself from becoming too violent, but when he fails things get ugly fast.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strength, he is in good physical condition
+Engineering, talented engineer, can get almost anything working again, maybe not very pretty looking, or fancy, but it will get the job done.
+/- Lagashi Implants: while extremely efficient and very useful, adjusting to life with them installed may prove difficult down the line without Lagashi maintenance
-Social skills, doesn't interact well with everyone.
-Mental stability, although most of the time he is a quiet, if somewhat anti-social individual, is known for violent outbursts and extreme measures
Ambitions Command a vessel.
Hobbies & Interests Though he does not show his hobbies to anyone, he is a decent guitarist

He builds and rebuilds equipment to his own specs, experiments with new combinations
Languages Fed Standard, Klingon, Lagashi (text only)

Personal History Jan was born in Moscow, Russia on October 25, 2347. He spent his early teens getting in trouble, fixing shuttles, and geothermal power generator maintenance.

He graduated from the enlisted officer program at Starfleet, specializing in engineering and warp mechanics. After serving on several freighters and deep space stations, he was caught selling *edited: surplus materials* to known black market merchants. He chose to resign his commission before a court martial could be put together, thus avoiding anything being placed in his active file.

After leaving Starfleet, he signed up for work with any ship that needed engineering expertise. He served on several dozen freighters and cruisers across klingon, romulan, and cardassian space.

While serving aboard the SS Akula, an ex-federation merchant freighter, a catastrophic coolant system failure occurred, leaking coolant and overheating an outdated reactor. To save the ship, Jan crawled inside of the reactor housing, and reconnected the coolant system hose, suffering severe radiation exposure and burns to the 3rd degree on his face and hands. The ship survived, badly crippled, and left Jan at a starbase medical facility.

After recovering, Jan spent his days selling scavenged junk and repairing damaged vessels, and conning people into buying fake weapons specifications and illegal modifications.

After a disastrous meeting with a Cardassian Gul, Jan jumped aboard the Warden, trading a rare, valuable plant for a position on the ship.

Jan has managed to keep the Warden from blowing apart several times, and managed to destroy a Gorn battleship with a well placed crate of antique C4 he had lying around in storage.

After repairing most of the damage from that conflict, the Warden's engines were sabotaged, allowing a group of Mercenaries to gain access to the ship. After the crew of the warden managed to defeat the Mercenaries, Jan severely crippled their commander, and managed to disarm several explosives she had placed on the warp core.

He later discovered that the helmsman had sabotaged the engines, and together with Charlotte, cornered him in the shuttlebay. After receiving a severe disruptor blast to the left side of his face, he gunned down the helmsman, and uncovered information that connected the Gorn to him.

His left eye was severely damaged by the disruptor blast, and coupled with previous radiation damage, he decided that rather than repair it, an artificial eye would be more suitable. After much legal paperwork he was granted Lagash citizenship and received a complex artificial eyepiece. Adjusting to it may take several years, but has already proved useful on several occasions.

Service Record Starfleet Career:
USS Tripoli
Cargo Drone #4568NC
Deep Space k7

Private Merchants
SS Channel Islands
SS Glover
LMS Glico
SS Kursk
SS Akula

Current Location
SS Warden - Cargo Vessel - Chief Engineer