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William "Billy" Decker

Name William "Billy" Markus Decker

Position Engineer/Mechanic

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Billy has a weathered appearance, but is still a decent looking man. He has strait teeth, and an honest smile, really his only feature. He has crows feet and wrinkles setting in, as his 32 years of age, and drinking, are starting to catch up to him.


Spouse Dana Benson, Ex-Wife, lives on Earth
Children David Decker, 10 years old, lives with his Ex-Wife
Father Mark Decker, Chief Engineer of the SS Horizon
Mother Pam Decker, Medic on the SS Horizon
Brother(s) Tom, First Officer aboard the SS Horizon, and Brian, Cargo Chief on the SS Horizon
Sister(s) Silia Decker, Assistant Medic and and Chef aboard the SS Horizon
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Billy is rough around the edges, but knows his engines. He is cocky to this end, and knows it. Billy is a loyal friend, but only has a few. He tends to invest his feeling cautiously, ever since his divorce five years ago. Billy sees his son about once every few months, during stops to Earth. He loves his son, and can already tell that he will follow in the family tradition.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Brilliant Engineer and Mechanic, hard worker, loyal shipmate

Weeknesses: Drinks a bit too much, curses, has the unlucky habit of starting bar-fights or ending them
Ambitions To seek the farthest reaches of space
Hobbies & Interests Holo-suites when this luxury is available, guitar, anything mechanical
Languages Earth/English

Personal History Billy Decker was born in 2353, on the Starship Horizon, an extremely old Cargo Hauler. Growing up on a cargo vessel had it's appeals, as a young boy, as he grew up with two older brothers, and one sister. Billy's father, Mark Decker, worked on the Horizon as the Chief Engineer, and his mother worked as the Medic. Taking things apart and seeing how they worked interested Billy at a young age, and quickly became his passion. During his youth, Billy learned all about the Horizon's warp-6 engine, helping his father repair the engine many times, and helping out here and there in Engineering.

Upon his graduation, in his studies, aboard the Horizon, Billy yearned to prove himself to his father, and applied for a posting on the SS Constellation, a cargo vessel of the same design. The position was Engineer's Helper First Class. At the age of 18, Billy left the Horizon, under mixed feelings from his family, but went right to work aboard the Constellation, learning the next phase of his life, under renowned Engineer, Paul McAndrews. McAndrews understood the boy's need to leave home and prove himself, and ended up taking Billy under his wing.

The Horizon and the Constellation met in various solar systems, many times, which allowed Billy to visit with family, throughout the years. At the age of 28, after 10 years aboard the Constellation, McAndrews promoted Billy Decker to Assistant Engineer. Billy was now second in charge, in the Engine Room. Billy oversaw countless refits, and undertook many repairs of the Constellation, saving them time and money, and keeping them on schedule. As a cargo hauler engineer, Billy found his calling.

During a run, in the year 2380, the Constellation came under attack from pirates, and the ship was damaged severely. Many decks were breached, and Decker found himself scurrying to keep the ship in one piece, as the pirates boarded her. As fires broke out throughout the ship, and the Captain and the crew were now fighting hand to hand, Decker, McAndrews and the engineers found themselves in a tussle with pirates in Engineering. The crew of the Constellation, in the end, overcame the pirates, however after many casualties, including the Chief Engineer. Billy Decker immediately took charge, rebuilding the engine, and helping to patch the ship, and get her to safe mooring.

Four years later, Billy Decker, as Chief Engineer of the Constellation received word of a Family Reunion held on a remote starbase in the Silian System. During the visit, Decker noticed a uniquely familiar vessel, also docked at the base, and a recruitment poster plastered on the glass of the dock. As he looked over the poster, he noticed the Captain was in need of a good engineer. The Constellation was under refit, and Decker had already mentioned his intent to move on to another ship. With that, Decker applied and was hired within the day. Decker is now the Chief Engineer of the SS Warden.
Service Record 2353 - 2370 Grew up on the SS Horizon

2370 - 2380 Engineer's Helper aboard the SS Constellation

2380 - 2384 Chief Engineer aboard the SS Constellation

2384 - Current Chief Engineer of the SS Warden