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Bruce Air (PNPC)

Name Bruce Air (PNPC)

Position Pilot

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 0 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bruce is a stereotypical bronzed Aussie. He knows he is good looking and, though he doesn't force it, is quietly confident with the impression he gives on women.


Father Admiral Air

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bruce is very laid back, almost to a fault. He seems to take nothing seriously. The only time he shows any real passion is when he is flying. He is a jovial and irreverant prankster.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bruce skill in the pilot seat is indisputable. He has an instictive skill for pushing ships beyond their expected tollerance. He is easy to get along with and hard to offend.

His irreverance has caused him lots of problems in the past and his near reckless regard for life of himself and others can be distressing. He is not above starting a bar room fight and will happily join in one that is already going.
Ambitions Bruce just loves to fly. He loves old manual ship more than the giant, automated starships of the Federation. He'd prefer to be up in a Focker Friendship than a Sovreign Class any day.
Hobbies & Interests Flying all types of vehicles. Ships and their specifications and design limits. He especially loves older 'Classic' ships. He is also a good drinker and loves outdoors, especially the beach.
Languages English, 'Strine

Personal History Bruce was born and grew up on a remote station in the Northern Territory of Australia. From a very early age he was flying supplies for the station and was going to join the Flying Doctors till his domineering father forced him to apply for Starfleet.

Although his irreveance of rank often got him into trouble, his father was able to pull weight to keep him in the Academy. There was no doubting his flying ability and he was awarded a place in Alpha Squadron on his final year.
When he graduated he was given a position on the USS Liaison running Cargo through the Klingon Territories for Starfleet. He soon became disenchanted with the giant vessel and began to long for the smaller craft with more 'hands on' helm interface.

There was an incident involving the death of a prisoner in custody on the Liaison. Air was stripped of rank and would have been dishonourably discharged if it hadn't been for his father's intervention. Air left Starfleet in an attempt to escape his fathers influence. This left him stranded in klingon space, where he hapened across the SS Warden.
Service Record 2360 - Born, Getadogupya, NT, Australia.
2370 - First solo flight to collect medical supplies.
2377 - Joined Starfleet Academy.
2380 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. Posted as Helm Officer, USS Liaison.
2385 - Promoted to Lt (jg).
2386 - Demoted to Ensign after incident involving a death in custody. Left Starfleet. Joined SS Warden as Pilot.