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Brian Mallory

Name Brian Joshua Mallory

Position Pilot

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid/El-Aurian
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description No one would ever call Brian Mallory handsome. He spent most of his life "out in the cold," and it shows. He is on the border between "slim" and "stocky," fit and wiry without being overly muscular, on the low end of average height. With his dark chestnut hair and eyes and his perpetual stubble, Brian could be best described as "rugged," or perhaps even "world-worn." He has several scars from his misadventures. Most have been treated with a dermal regenerator, but the marks on his back - he was once flogged with a Ferengi energy whip - never completely disappeared.

Brian's El-Aurian ancestry almost certainly guarantees him a lifespan at least somewhat longer than the human norm -- unless his lifestyle gets him killed -- and that he will appear somewhat younger than he is for many years.


Children Adam Mallory, born 2370
Father Thomas Mallory, smuggler
Mother Lyrianna Reslin (deceased)
Brother(s) Drake Mallory, Nathan Mallory (half-brothers)
Other Family Kaylen Mallory, Jase Mallory (nephews)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rough around the edges with just a hint of roguish charm, Brian Mallory is likable, but not very. He's tough and street smart; despite a lack of higher education, he has a sharp mind, and a sharper tongue. His penchant for call-it-like-he-sees-it sarcasm often lands him in hot water, though fatherhood has curbed his temper, if only a bit. The barroom brawls, at least, are no longer a weekly occurrence.

Brian is protective of his son, though not overmuch. His life experience has taught him that he can't shield Adam from the world's ills, and he's not afraid to let the boy get in a little trouble from time to time, so long as he learns from it.

If someone managed to crack through Brian's tough exterior, they would find a trustworthy friend, loyal to the hilt, and never afraid to give them a kick in the pants when needed.

Aside from his son, Brian's greatest passion is flying, be it atmospheric shuttles or starships. He's in his element at the helm, like an old sailor with the wind and the waves as his company, and the stars as his guide. He never can stay in one place too long, especially planetside; sometimes he'll simply wake up one day and decide it's time to move on. It's a habit he learned in his misspent youth, one that has stayed with him all his life, even though in recent years he rarely ventures beyond "gray" on the spectrum of legality...unless he has a good reason.
Strengths & Weaknesses In the past twenty-five years, Brian has flown everything from shuttlecraft to supertankers. He has an intimate knowledge of flight systems, cultivated over the past twenty-five years, and can serve as an engineer in a pinch. Even when piloting a new class of ship for the first time, it only takes him a brief period to learn her nuances well.

Aside from his skill as a pilot, Brian's greatest assets lie in his street smarts and finely tuned gut instincts. Between those instincts and his extremely limited El-Aurian and Betazoid senses, he can often, though not always, tell when he's walking into a trap, or an associate is about to double cross him. He has a knack for reading people, not in an empathic sense, but as someone who observes and can size someone up in an instant. His time on the wrong side of the tracks has given him a network of contacts, ranging from information brokers and bounty hunters to crimelords and law enforcement officers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Brian has all too often done his thinking with his fists. His temper has been known to get the best of him, though such outbursts have become rare as he has grown older and wiser, and has a son to watch over. In contrast to his good senses about people, he's usually a rotten gambler, though he has been able to make a modest living at poker in the past. His hybrid ESP can also be a drawback: in dense crowds, or extremely close quarters, he often becomes attuned to the emotional state of those around him, which can be disorienting. Furthermore, attempts to push his esper abilities beyond their customary "low backgrond" level, have been known to cause him great physical distress, including blackouts and even neurocardiac arrest in one extreme case.
Ambitions For himself, Brian has no great ambition, other than to see a new sunrise each day. A born drifter, Brian's sense of wanderlust has always prevented him from settling down planetside for any real length of time. His greatest ambition for himself is "a tall ship and a star to steer her by." Put him at the helm of a ship, any ship, and that's as close as he's ever come to truly being at peace.

However, since finding Adam, Brian has always placed his son's interests above his own, whether than meant trying to live a planetbound life, or taking Adam along on his sojourns across the cosmos. Brian wants a better life for his son, and will do whatever it takes to give that to him.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from piloting, Brian is quite fond of reading, which helps make up for his lack of formal education. He is a student of history, especially the history of exploration and flight. For a while, he was a semi-professional boxer, and though those days are mostly behind him, he still climbs in the ring from time to time for a "friendly" bout. Brian also plays Parrises squares, enjoys chess, and builds models. Though he appreciates some art and music, he can neither put two notes together, or draw a straight line (except on a map).
Languages Standard, Orion, Cardassian, some Venturi, Andorian and Bajoran

Personal History Brian Joshua Mallory was born 17 October, 2344 in Christopher's Landing, a colony on Titan. He never knew his mother, who died mere weeks after his birth, and at times, he wished he had never known his father. Thomas Mallory was a small-time con man and smuggler for the Orion Syndicate, and Brian's single value to him was how he could be used in a scam. Even that wore thin, and when Brian was three years old, Tom Mallory abandoned his son for good.

Brian was taken in by the Garrick family, friends of his mother, and raised in their home on Titan, with their four sons and several foster children. He became best friends with another of the Garricks' foster sons, Jay Allan.

Even in that good environment, Brian displayed rebellious tendencies, often running away, or committing small crimes, like stealing from neighbors. In some corner of his mind, young Brian thought that if he got in enough trouble, his father would come back and take him away.

During his teen years, Brian's rebellion got worse. Though he displayed some academic progress, he was suspended several times for fighting and theft. Once when he was 14, he "hot-wired" one of his school's shuttlecraft and flew it all the way to Luna before he was apprehended. Brought before the magistrate, he was sentenced to thirty days in jail, followed by a year of community service.

Brian served his jail time, and performed his community service at the Titan Space Needle, a popular haunt of many pilots on the Jovian run. While there, Brian became friends with several of those pilots, and impressed them with his knowledge and interest in spaceflight. After his community service was over, Brian used his friendship with the pilots to land a job as a deckhand on a cargo shuttle. Within two years time, he had become so familiar with a variety of vessels that the pilots often let him fly the ships himself.

In 2361, at the age of seventeen, Brian ran away from Titan for the final time, as engineer's mate on the SS Persephone, an Antares-class freighter. He served on the ship for almost a year, and when the Persephone made port at Pacifica, the first mate helped him get a co-pilot's spot on another freighter, the Rigel Star. Brian spent the next few years moving from one cargo ship to another, mostly in the outer colonies. He worked his way up from co-pilot to pilot, and even first mate on a few vessels.

After three years hauling cargo around the quadrant, warding off pirates and Nausicaan raiders, Brian was approached by the Orion Syndicate, tempting him to follow in his father's footsteps as a smuggler. His roguish streak re-emerged and he accepted, becoming a pilot for Gorel, an Orion "merchant" and old partner of his father.

Months later, during a smuggling run in Cardassian space, Brian had his first telepathic experience. He clearly "heard" the thoughts of the Cardassian glinn they were dealing with, and knew that he was planning a double-cross. He was able to convince Gorel of this, and they escaped with their lives, and cargo, intact. Brian's telepathy served him well on several other smuggling missions, but he eventually grew weary of that life. He managed to buy himself out of Gorel's service, knowing the Orion would still come to him for the occasional "favor," and that he'd never really be free.

Brian began to drift around from system to system, never staying one place more than a few months. When he couldn't find a piloting job, he'd work as an engineer, a deckhand or even a spaceport bartender.

It was after one of these bartending gigs that he decided to find out if his father was still alive. Remembering something that Gorel had said about Thomas' "woman on Aldebaran," Brian went there in 2365. He not only found that Ann Mallory, Tom's ex-wife, was long dead, but that he had a half-brother, Drake, ten years his senior. The two Mallory boys did not get off on the right foot, and Brian left again after a couple weeks. But he and Drake were the only family each other had left, and so they kept in sporadic contact.

Brian eventually found his father in 2370. Abandoned by the Syndicate, Tom had been in and out of different prisons for the past 20 years, but was now running supplies for the Maquis in the Demilitarized Zone. Brian had no desire to get involved in a war zone, and left his father to his own devices.

Returning to Pacifica, Brian took a break from life in space, though he didn't stray far. While once again tending bar at the spaceport, he had an affair with Alexandra Welles, the daughter of a planetary senator. He was truly in love, but after a few months, Alexandra broke off the relationship at her father's urging, breaking Brian's heart in the process.

Angered and hurt, Brian gathered his things and left Pacifica on the first ship out, leaving when the freighter reached Kal-Dixas, a neutral colony outside Federation space, near the Ferengi border.

It wasn't long before he got in hot water with the local underworld, but he did find a job at the All Good Things curio shop. Soon though, the shop's owner, Mr. Yana, retired and put it up for sale.

Around the same time, Brian was contacted by his old friend Jay Allan, now retired from Starfleet and suffering from a fifteen-year memory loss. At his urging, Allan bought the curio shop, pulling Brian out of his troubles with the mob, and hiring him as pilot for the Artemis, a Ju'day-class vessel, which Allan used to survey the archaeological sites in the nearby sectors.

In early 2373, Brian's half-brother Drake came to Kal-Dixas. Drake was now a private investigator, and soon pulled both Brian and Jay into a war against the El-Aurian crimelord Yule and the cybernetic killer Croft. Near the end of 2374, shortly after the revelation that Yule's grandson Kaylen was also Drake's son, Brian left Kal-Dixas in order to prevent Croft from using him against Drake and Jay. He wandered the galaxy again, intending to hide somewhere out of the way.

After the Dominion War's end, Brian heard of the near-total destruction of Kal-Dixas, and returned to find Drake and Kaylen gone, presumed dead in the conflagration. Jay Allan was now the head of the provisional government, and Brian stayed on Kal-Dixas to help with the reconstruction.

In 2378, Brian received a message from Senator Welles, and went to Pacifica. There, he learned that he had a son, Adam, conceived just before Alexandra broke off their affair under her father's orders. The boy had been raised as the bastard child of the Welles family, and now that the Senator was campaigning for re-election, Adam was becoming a liability, due to his "unseemly origins."

Not willing to let Adam suffer as he had, Brian took him back to Kal-Dixas, and they lived there for two years, while Jay Allan's passion for archaeology rubbed off on the boy.

The Mallorys left Kal-Dixas in 2380, when Brian discovered that Drake was still alive. The family reunited on Rigel IV, but Drake and Kaylen soon moved on. Brian's wanderlust returned, and he and Adam embarked on a "vagabond's tour" of the galaxy. From Kal-Dixas to Sherman's Planet and anywhere in between, Brian would go where the work took him, indulging Adam's curiosity about the worlds they visited.

After Adam went to stay with Kaylen late 2383, Brian eventually wound up on Cascia and found work first as a dock hand, and later, bartender at the Crossed Stars Lounge. He met up with several old acquaintances on the resort planet, and developed a set of contacts in various areas of interest. After six months on Cascia, he met the crew of the SS Walkabout and decided it was time to move on again. Despite a rocky start with Captain Robert Zhou, Brian became Walkabout's pilot, settling a lot of old debts, and incurring some new ones, before leaving Cascia behind with a small fortune in latinum and a set of mysterious data rods.

Mere months after Brian signed aboard Walkabout, the crew dissolved under "unfortunate" circumstances, and he was again left "adrift" in his life. He attempted to settle down again, and started to make a life for himself on the Obsidian Colony in the Providence sector, near the Romulan border. Within a few months there, the situation on the colony, and in the entire sector went south. For once, when things went out of control, it had nothing to do with Brian, so he left Providence on the first ship out. He wound up at Starbase 376, near the Klingon border. He was pondering his next move when he found an opening for a ship's pilot aboard another Groumal class vessel, the SS Warden.
Service Record Piloting experience (partial):
Antares class: SS Persephone
Groumal class: SS Walkabout, SS Warden
Ju'day class: SS Artemis, SS Rigel Star

Additional experience:
Antiques dealer, bartender, cargo hauler/dock hand, "transporter"