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Langar Tarn

Name Langar Tarn

Position Weapons Expert

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Langar Tarn is a tall, well built Bajoran male, physically fit and athletic. He has gray-blue eyes, crew cut brown hair and chiseled features. He has clearly defined nose ridges and wears a Bajoran earring in his right ear.

Large tattoo of a Bajoran Python on his left arm and shoulder, which partially covers up the Romulan Penal Barcode.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Tarn has a deep and spiritual faith in the Prophets of the Celestial Temple located within the Bajoran Wormhole. The conventional non-Bajoran understanding of the Prophets, as an advanced alien non-corporal species, does not diminish his belief. This faith has sustained him throughout his life, it is a source of encouragement and inspiration.
He is resourceful, innovative and adaptable. He has a strong survival instinct honed by his early childhood, overcoming the hardship and brutality of Cardassian labor camps.
He is an active proponent of the Bajoran proverb “Confrontation is better than avoidance” Learning early on that to be seen as weak or a victim would be to invite others to use or abuse him.
Adhering to a personal moral code he is able to set the usual standards of legal and ethical behavior aside if the need arises. Larceny and violence are acceptable, but never for their own sake, that said he has little tolerance for bullies or those who prey on the innocent.
While generally open and friendly, his situation means he is slow to trust completely and can be guarded around those he does not know.
Is fiercely loyal once trust is established.
Has a strong sense of gritty humor, which he exercises frequently
Can occasionally be bitter about how he feels he and former comrades were treated by the Federation for defending Bajor.

Personal History [CLASSIFIED: FMS Report Extract -]
Federation Marshals Service: Offender profile report

Name: Langar Tarn, AKA Lanka B’Tarn

Date and planet of birth: Unknown - probably 2350 / Bajor

Species: Bajoran

Sex: Male

Summary: Current records on the individual known as Langar Tarn are incomplete. The following report contains all known data drawn from Federation and non-Federation sources.

2355.3 : Bajoran Civil Records Office – Mercy of the Prophets Children's Hospital and Orphanage Register, Lonar Province

One male child, approximately five years old brought in following a Cardassian purge resulting in the death of approximately seventy families. Child has only minor injuries and was found beside the dead bodies of his parents. Child has been identified as Lanker B'Tarna, no known living relatives.

2364.4 : Cardassian Union Civil Patrol Report - District 63 Lonar Province - Bajoran Occupation Force
Civil Order & Security Patrols are coming under repeated attack by gangs of street urchins. Attacks are of a minor nature, mostly the throwing of rocks and garbage, however in two recent incidents projectiles have included home-made incendiary devices. Local intelligence suggests a number of the Bajoran minors involved are housed at a local juvenile facility. Facility authorities have been warned to keep their charges in check of suffer the consequences.

2364.4 : Cardassian Union Civil Patrol Report - District 63 Lonar Province - Bajoran Occupation Force
Despite warnings and the execution of two staff members attacks by juveniles housed at this facility has increased. Recommendations have been forwarded to District Command to remove all minors over the age of twelves years and forward them to Batal Labor Camp. A decision is expected within the next two days.

2364.7 : Cardassian Union – Batal Labor Camp. Population Intake Control report - Bajoran Occupation Force
Transport received from District 63 Lonar Provine

124 Adult Males; 38 Adult Females; 23 Juvenile Males; 9 Juvenile Females

Adult and Juvenile Males assigned to Camp Sector 4

Adult and Juvenile females assigned to Camp Sector 11 - [7 Assigned to Personnel recreation]

Approximately 83 inmates escaped from a work party taken outside of the perimeter to clear snow from the Camp landing field. A Resistance raid was timed to coincide with the work party and despite heavy losses to the Resistance forces the inmates are believed to have escaped under the cover of a blizzard.

A round up of known local Resistance sympathizers has been ordered for interrogation along with a draft on the local population of 200 hundred adults to replace those inmates who escaped.

2368.2 : CU Bajoran Sector Command meeting Minutes - Tarok Nor

The Bajoran Resistance continues to perpetuate attacks against Cardassian Union personnel in the planetary orbit. There has been a 23% increase in attacks by Bajoran craft against CU vessels in the system. A number of the vessels involved appear to be CU transports hijacked during an escape from Batal Labor Camp three years ago. It is believed these Transports have been rearmed by an agency outside of the CU and Bajoran Sectors. The Obsidian order is investigating reports of Federation Intelligence operatives providing clandestine support to Bajoran rebels.

2370.4 : UFP Diplomatic Corps: Bajor - Post Occupation Political Analysis