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You are invited

Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 3:07am by Walter Jones

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Arse end of the Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Current

Face down in his bottle of alcohol, Walter was rustled by a buzz in his coat pocket. Without barely looking up, he removed the comm, turned his head on the bar to the right and brought the device closer to his face. Page after page of get rich quick schemes, Altarian Princes looking for help moving Latinum, and solicitations for Orion Girls greeted him.

Jones was about to put it back into his pocket when something caught his eye. He clicked on the advertisement and started reading.

“You are here by invited to an exquisite opportunity, the Auction firm of Curios and Galaxian offers a once in an eon opportunity. Several works of art, sculpture, trinket and ships from the four quadrants and beyond will be auctioned off on June the 10th, 2389.
A Twenty Percent Buyers premium will apply to all purchases. Ships especially are cash and carry. Curios and Galaxian offers no guarantee on the condition of any ship. Full list of ships available for auction are as follows.
SS. Quar – Izhma class freighter
SS. Laroo – Posiden class hydrogen carrier
SS. Warden – Groumall class freighter
IKS. Qu’tl! – Bird of Prey Class
USS. Akor – Reliant Class

Jones rubbed the whiskey out of his eyes and focused on the list.
“The hell they are going to sell my ship!” Jones pounded his fist on the bar before slowly raising his head up. The room spun. The bartender looked briefly over at him before turning back to the dirty cups.
“They are going to auction MY ship!” Jones stumbled off of the barstool, grabbed the bar for support, and clumsily stood. “I’ve.. I’ve.. Gotta go.”
“Mr. Jones, your tab.” The bartender turned back to Walt who was already halfway out the door, grumbling to himself.
“Captain Jones to you buddy!” He stopped for a moment before he reached into his pocket. He chucked a strip of latinum towards the bar. “I, I gotta go.”
With that, Jones headed out for the first transport he could find.

OOC: So.. news post to follow


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