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Allowt and out..

Posted on Wed Dec 4th, 2019 @ 3:56am by Walter Jones

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Auction House

"Mr. Allowt, your card seems to have been, well declined." A man in a well pressed suit approached the Bolian.

"That, that can't be!" He laughed as pulled another thumb from his pocket and pressed it onto the data padd that was being pushed towards him.

"I'm sorry sir, that has been turned down as well, and seeing as you have already taken possession of the ship and left the hangar bay. We will need payment in full?"

"But." He stood closer to the man. "Do not embarrass me in front of my lady friends, run my name. You will see that I am good for it."

"As you wish sir." He looked at the padd. "I'm sorry sir, payment now, or I shall get snooty with you."

"Snooty! Do you know who you are speaking too!" Allowt's gaze turned angry, as angry as a Bolian's could at least.

Two large Klingon's slowly moved behind the Bolian.

"I shall get snooty wit!"

He was stopped as one of the Klingon's placed a hand on the shoulder of the perturbed man.

"Time to go."

"No!" He turned and brought a fist down on the Klingon's chest.

The Klingon did not flinch.

"Time to go!" The Klingon lifted the Bolian and threw him over the shoulder. The other Klingon snarled at the ladies who had been with him.

"You'll hear from my lawyer! This is not the last time you have heard from Allowt Penzance Galawicious Patarky Stude!" The Bolian continued screaming as the Klingon ushed him through the back halls of the Auction House.

After what seemed to be a small lifetime, the arrived at a nondescript room. The Bolian was still kicking.

"Unhand me! Unhand me!"

"In you go Bolian! You can rot in there until your debt it paid!" The Klingon opened the door and tossed the Bolian into the room.

"I'll own this entire place!" Allowt yelled as the door slammed in his face.


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