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Welcome aboard fleet

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2009 @ 1:34pm by Walter Jones & Lieutenant Mnheia t'Llaiir

Mission: Recruitment
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Back Post.

Jones looked at Mnheia who appeared terribly out of place on the aging bridge of the Warden. He knew he was getting a computer specialist but he never expected her to be a Starfleet officer.

"Hello Lieutenant, congratulations on the promotion. I'm Walter Jones captain of the Warden." He extended his hand out the the Vulcan who was on his bridge.

Mnheia looked at the captain and then also extended her hand. Then she said in a semi-formal way:

"I am a bit confused sir. Starfleet assigned me to this ship...that much is certain. They also assigned me as a computer specialist/communication specialist. But since I am also in Starfleet, do you know since this is not a Starfleet vessal if I have lost my commision or rank or what is exactly going on? They said nothing about this being stricly a civilian vessel. I have no problem with that. I would like to know my status. For personal bookkeepping reasons you see."

Walter kind of thought about things for a moment. If she was willing to stick it out with them, he was happy to have her. Communications and computer experts where hard to come by. "To be honest, I'm as confused as you are, well, we are a bit more rugged and "on the fringe" then anything you are going to be used to, and I'm sure that this probably isn't what you had in mind, hell we are probably the opposite of what you where hoping for."

"I do not mind this being a civilian ship at fact I think I will enjoy the reduction in protocol. I just want to make sure that my place with Starfleet will be there when I am done with this assisgnment," finished Mnheia.

"Excellent, I'm sure Starfleet isn't going to mind if you take some time off. Ultimately you won't hurt my feelings if you decide you want to go back to Starfleet, I'm sure I could write up some transfer papers, maybe get you promoted to Lieutenant Commander in the process."Jones smiled at Mnheia and walked over to the thermos that was sitting on the partially disassembled communication panel. "Your status for bookeeping purposes on my end would be partner on the ship. Unlike Starfleet your input here is valued and welcomed because ultimately we are all in this together. A family of people just trying to scrape by in the unforgiving of space. You'd get ten percent of the take on any given mission as well as room and board and bonus pay."

Jones poured a cup of coffee and handed it over to t'Llaiir then poured himself a cup. "This is the comm station here, as you can see it is in a slight bit of" He paused for a moment, "Well ok, we had to rip out what was left of the Cardassian equipment on board and the last piece was the main communications panel. We've come across some federation tech that needs to be installed, I'm sure if you are still willing to take the job our engineer would be more then happy to help you get it up and going."

Mnheia listened to the captain as he explained about the Cardassian com panel, then she spoke up.

"Sir, I would be happy to help engineering with the com panel. I would like to go back to my quarters first and send a message to Starfleet to ask them my status. You can ask engineering to come up here for the install as I am sure I will be here when they get here."

With that, Mnheia walked back to the turbo lift and her quarters.

Sitting down at her computer, Mnheia composed a letter to Starfleet asking her status.

Soon she recieved a welcome 'beep' from the computer to inform her that a reply had just been recieved.

From: The Office Of Starfleet Head Quarters

To: Mnheia t'Llaiir

You are currently assigned to the SS Warden. For this assignment only your membership in Starfleet has been suspended but ony because the SS Warden is a civilian ship. When your assignement is compleated or you choose to return to Starfleet, at that time your rank will be reinstated. Because the SS Warden needs a computer/communication specielist with your background they have agreed to pay 1/2 of your salary and Starfleet will pay the other 1/2. Until your return, you will follow all orders that are given to you by your captain.

If you have any other questions, feel free to write.

Starfleet out.

Mnheia read and re-read the letter of confirmation from Starfleet and then sent it up to the captain, advising him that the letter was for his eyes only and that she would be back up to the bridge area momentairly to help with the com panel. With that, Mnheia got up and headed for the turbo lift.


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