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The pirate that never died

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2009 @ 3:56am by Max Sainexs

Mission: Interlude - SB 611
Location: SS Warden - Quarters Sainexs
Timeline: -

OOC: Sorry for my absence I am still recovering from some heavy flu attacks >< I will create a side plot for the pirate I am =)


Max looked outside seeing the large docking claims of SB-611 attach to the ship, for his own safety he stayed away from the Starbase, yet he needed to resume his work. His ship was still out there hidden from all federation/klingons and he needed to get back on there.

The ISS Batavia, a K'Vort class vessel that was given to Sainexs as reward for his loyal services towards the Klingon Empire and to the House of Kor. Batavia was seen as a the beast of the last Pirate War, for its skills were known thought out the universe. Sainexs missed his ship badly and knew that if he was back on that vessel that the universe shake for fear a few times.

Pirate Haven, The Outcast, Raven Nest and many more hidden pirate locations were the places where Sainexs was known for his acts in the Pirate War. A war against two large faction....the Norther Pirates and the Black Dogs. Many battles, many deaths and for what. Only pride was in the way and blinded Sainexs badly, he press on his pc and begins pressing a number.

A man appears in the screen as his eyes went big "Sainexs....."

"Silas...I warned you that I will be free onces again, your betrayal has not been forgotten, I will find you and you will suffer under the punishment that I have in store for you"

"Betraying you was the best thing I have done, the Breen and Cardassian are at the brick of war and I have myself seated well at the Breen Capital planet. There is no way you can get to me with or without that old vessel of yours"

"Ow don't worry 'mate'. I am resourceful to get to you, trust me on that" the screen went black as he blinks and leans back "This might get interesting" he smiles



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