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Personal Log 62481.3

Posted on Sun Nov 15th, 2009 @ 8:37pm by Tyl'varas Shrive

First Officer's log... It doesn't much matter what day it is.

So it would seem that the bastard pinkskins aboard Starbase 611 are typically weak of character. Most Certainly not unexpected. I'm just hoping that one of them decides that they need to "teach some respect". I've not had a good fight in quite some time.

Aside from Martok and Jones, I can't say that the rest of the crew inspires much in the way of confidence in me. Ashcroft seems to be smitten with the Miller pinkskin. If it gets in the way of their work, I'll shove one, or both of them out the damn airlock. We're here to make money, not make friends.

Also, I can't help but be curious as to why I was handed a Gorn coin by Stamir before he jumped out of the picture. I'm still of the assumption that I should have slit his throat in his sleep.

That's all for now. I'm almost out of ale in my quarters.

Shrive out.


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