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Laundry list of repairs

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2010 @ 10:32pm by Jan Valentine

an sat back against a bulkhead, worn out from non-stop repairs to the ship's systems. He unbuttoned a button on the lower portion of his sleeve, revealing a simple computer interface and an interactive screen. Flipping through the options, Jan selected LOGS, and started a damage log.

Engineering Log:

Systems Destroyed (DR),Disabled (DS), Operational (OP):


Impulse Engine 1: (OP), functioning at 80%, damage to Impulse reactor plant is interfering with efficiency REC: Basic Tune-Up EST Repair Time: 2 Hours
Impulse Engine 2: (DR), Functioning at 1%, Weapons Fire destroyed primary coolant line, subsequent overheating and Fire gutted engine REC: Complete Rebuild EST Repair time: 1 week
Impulse Reactor: (OP), Functioning at 67%, Impulse engine 2 overheat and fire damage affected the heat exchangers, limiting maximum performance REC: Moderate Repairs EST Repair Time: 9 hours

Warp Reactor: (OP), Functioning at 54%, Running on Auxiliary Power, Coolant Circulation problems limit maximum safe OP temperature REC: Restore Main power, Look into new coolant system EST repair time: 36 Hours
Starboard Warp Engine: (OP) Functioning at 70%, Plasma Transfer Conduit showing signs of stress, limiting engine performance: REC: Repair Plasma Transfer Conduit, examine Power transfer Conduit EST Repair Time: 7 Hours
Port Warp Engine: (OP) Functioning at 94%, Auxiliary Power limits performance, REC: Restore Main Power, Basic Tune-Up EST Repair Time: N/A

Weapons and Shields:

Phaser Cannon 1: (OP) Functioning at 91%, constant firing induced minor overheat, damaging cooling system, offline due to Main power Failure, REC: Basic Tune-UP EST Repair time: 30 minutes
Phaser Cannon 2: (OP) Functioning at 96%, offline due to main power failure, sluggish to aim REC: Adjust bearings EST Repair time: 2 hours
Phaser Cannon 3: (DS) Functioning at 20%, sustained glancing disruptor blast, severed power conduits REC: Repair conduits, repair blast damage EST Repair time: 5 Hours

Shield Generator: (OP) Functioning at 95%, damaged EPS conduits forced re-routing through other systems, generator itself is in good condition REC: Repair EPS Conduits EST Repair time: N/A


Upper Decks: Numerous Scorch Marks, Impact damage around starboard Docking port, Breach on deck 3 section C REC: Touch up scratched and scorched panels, Replace impacted panels with scrap panels in Storage EST Repair Time: 1 Day
Starboard Docking Port: (DR), Non-operational, Impact damage destroyed Airlock Outer doors, pressurizing system, REC: Clean up Gorn Paste, Complete Rebuild Required. EST Repair time: 1 week
Lower Decks: Numerous Scorch Marks, torpedo damage. Breach on deck #, section d. Section sealed off to contain breach. REC: Patch up damaged panels, seal breach and re-pressurize. EST Repair Time: 48 Hours
Structural Integrity: Currently at 67%, breaches and impact damage reduce Hull Integrity. REC: Repair Hull Damage EST repair Time: 48 Hours

Sensory Equipment:

Long Range Sensors: (DS) Functioning at 25%, sensor dish is damaged, EPS relays damaged REC: Repair dish, Repair EPS Relays EST repair Time: 2 Hours
Medium Range Sensors: (OP) Functioning at 100%, no Damage
Short Range Sensors: (OP) Functioning at 100%, No Damage


Main Reactor: (DS) Functioning at 30%, Power spike damaged control systems, reactor jammed in shutdown mode, coolant system leak. REC: Major Over-haul EST Repair Time: 72 Hours
Auxiliary Reactor: (OP) Functioning at 100%

"God Damn, 3 fucking weeks? Better get back to work then." Jan said, sending the log to the Captain.


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