Engineering Log

Posted on Sun Aug 5th, 2012 @ 12:59am by Jan Valentine
Edited on Sun Aug 5th, 2012 @ 1:14am

Chief Engineer's Log, stardate, uh...forget it.

We've arrived on Romulus, wasn't planning on landing the whole ship, but once again our pilot, who isn't quite right in the head, somehow managed to land this crate without destroying too much.

Starboard Landing Strut #2 is leaking hydro fluid again, the secondary seals are holding, but are only at 87% integrity, it's been quite some time since we've needed to use them, so I'm surprised more of the struts didn't fail.

We've currently got a 3 degree list to starboard, but the slightly uneven landing pad makes the list less noticeable. Hopefully the Romulans will ignore it and the general appearance of the Warden. It's a beast of a ship to maintain, but she flies straight and true, so who am I to complain. It's this kind of ship I live for, beaten, bruised, scarred and ready to fly apart. But something seems to keep her together when she shouldn't, I've often felt that the ship in some strange way is alive, but I really don't know.

Anyway, back to the landing strut. I don't have any spare parts for them on hand, and the replicator has been less than reliable since it kind of blew up. I fixed it to the specifications, but I'm positive that it overheard me call it a piece of useless crap. It's always temperamental with the more complex pieces of equipment I ask it to make, and sometimes even basic sheets of duranium or gaskets are off by a few thousandths of a centimeter. Maybe I should try some charm on it, couldn't hurt...

Despite Morgan's rather excessive efforts, I'm fairly certain we haven't entirely eliminated all the Voles in the conduits, I'm still finding chewed EM lines in random corners of the ship, even ones replaced since we left the impound lot. Those bastards are tough as nails, at least they taste halfway decent after a long stewing, though I'm sure our Romulan guests will politely decline eating stew made from rats. They may be desperate to get off their homeworld, but they're not that desperate to survive.

Looking forward to docking at a starbase soon, I've been putting off some small repairs for quite some time, want to get to them before they grow into larger problems. That starboard airlock hasn't been the same since we tore most of it off at that Gorn station, it's still got a .005% air leak, but it's probably down to some of the gaskets I installed, that damn replicator complicates repairs at times. For now we'll just have to live with it. It's such a small leak that it's barely noticeable, and anytime someone comments on hearing a hissing noise or a slight breeze, I just blame the ventilation ducts. I'm half tempted to just replicate a roll of duct tape and plaster it over the leak, that stuff's got a million and one uses. Probably one of the most useful tools in the galaxy.

End Log.