New Ship, New Set of Rules

Posted on Wed Jun 17th, 2009 @ 11:19am by William "Billy" Decker & Walter Jones

Mission: Recruitment
Location: SS Warden
Timeline: Current


The airlock hissed, and the way it made Decker feel, was definitely like being at home. Billy Decker, the Warden's new Chief Engineer, picked up his heavy duffle bag and slung it over his shoulder. As the Warden's main outer docking hatch opened, Decker's ears popped. The pressure didn't equalize properly. Yep ...just what he's used to. He shook it off, and reached a hand out to shake the hand of his new Captain, who was waiting just inside the Warden's airlock.

"I see I've got a leaky airlock to fix" Decker jokingly said. "Thanks for hiring me, Capt'n. I've tied up all loose ends on the Constellation. I'm ready to get started."

"A broken antimatter coupling, docking clamps are barely holding, impulse is barely up and a laundry list of other things. You are going to have your hands full with the old girl." Jones grabbed the mans hand and shook it. "Welcome to the Warden, I can show take you down to Engineering or I can show you to your quarters."

"You might as well show me Engineering, Capt'n" Decker replied. The two walked through the corridors, and down two decks to the heart of the Warden, a massive space the color of rusted steel. The Warp core sat in the center of the room, sitting silent, a sound Decker never did like. Only the hum and vibration of a working Warp engine would put him at ease. "I see what ya mean"

"Yeah... we got it as a "Deal" but yeah I started working on it but it has been a little while since I've had to deal with this kind of crap. Most of the stuff that comes my way anymore is federation tech. I'll tell ya though.. this old Cardassian stuff if babied will run forever." He looked over at Decker and smiled, "Especially if we have a good engineer. I'm going to hire you on a few more Engineer staff to take care of her." he walked over to the dormant core. "But she's pretty much all yours."

Decker felt chills up his back, as he toured Main Engineering with Captain Walter Jones, mostly due to all the hard work which awaited him. As he tapped a nearby console, starting up the terminal near the core, he read the words; "START-UP IN PROGRESS". He was glad to see that the computer had been translated to Federation Standard, which was of course Earth-English. Decker looked back up at the Captain, who looked like he was ready to tend to other business. "Thanks for the tour Capt'n. I'll take it from here."

"Sounds good.. ohh before I go, wanted to go over your compensation. You'll get 10% cut of whatever we make plus any bonus we get from jobs, plus room and board is included."

"Sounds fair" Billy Decker replied, knowing it was the set payment for an Engineer with his experience. Newbies usually were payed no more than 5%.

"Also as a member of the crew, I value your opinion on matters of cargo and jobs, so if anything doesn't feel right let me know. Ok?"

"Will do, Capt'n"

Walter started to leave the compartment, looking back at Decker who was taking in the monumental task of getting the engines and ship spaceworthy, he realized he had the perfect person for the job.