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No Escaping It

Posted on Wed Jun 27th, 2012 @ 10:21pm by Hank Tasco

Mission: Session 6: Take 5
Location: Warden
Timeline: Current


With the ship under way on its way to Romulan, it was time for Hank to settle in on the Warden. After finding an empty room not full of fungus or rodents Hank settled in.

Before throwing his bag on the bed, Hank placed his camera gently on the table in his room. Taking a seat Hank scrolled through the saved pictures on the camera. Losing interest in the bland pictures he wondered if his boss had contacted him.

Accessing the computer terminal he checked his mail; sure enough one message from his boss was in his inbox. Selecting it Hank was greeted by the image of his boss.

"Hank baby" started his boss coming off as a cheesy 20 century car salesman, "you're one crazy cookie going into the lions den chasing a story. If half the pansies had the balls you have we'd be the number one news agency in the quadrant."

Oh great he here goes about to lose his rocker again thought Hank as he anticipated his boss starting one of his famous rants.

However it never came. Instead Hank was greeted to the sight of his boss getting cut off by the sudden appearance of the United Federation of Planets symbol.

"What the hell!" Hank began, before he too was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Starfleet intelligence commander behind a desk.

"Mr. Tasco we've been keeping tabs on you, as we do all former intelligence personnel. It has come to our attention that you will be entering Romulan space a feat that is rare for those in our occupation. Mr. Taco you served the Federation once, now we're asking you to do it again. Hidden in this encrypted message is a computer virus that you will upload to a Romulan computer, whether it be on Romulas the ideal target of choice or on the Senators personal computer terminal he carries with him. This is our first real shot at seeing what the Romulans are up to do not waste it Mr. Tasco, and if you have any hesitation remember Starfleet Intelligence doesn't forget its friends.

With that the message ended.

Hank sat in silence for several minutes thinking over what just happened, before grabbing an isolinear chip and inserting it into the computer terminal and downloading the virus.

"God dammit" he cursed.


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