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Winding down..

Posted on Thu Jun 25th, 2009 @ 12:09am by Walter Jones

Mission: Recruitment
Location: Captains Quarters
Timeline: Current

Walter looked down at his boots then threw them into the trash, there was no way that they would come clean after the muck that he had stepped in down in one of the cargo containers. From the smell it was probably some kind of biological life that had been left in there when the previous crew met their untimely death. The smell permeated the entire lower deck of the ship and an unmentionable green goop had gathered on the floor. The only effective way he had found to clean it out was to burn it out which made the smell even worse.

The ship had come together very well, it almost looked space ready though there where still some mechanical kinks that needed to be worked out. Fortunately the crew that he had hired were the best in the sector and knew what they where doing.

Walter leaned back on his bunk and started to relax. His dreams where finally coming together. No longer did he have to work for other people, he was captain of his own ship. In a way, even though it was still technically dead in the water, the thought was liberating. Jones grabbed a data pad and looked over the laundry list of things that still needed done with the ship and let out a long exhale and set the pad down on the stand next to the bed.

Propping a pillow up to support his head he clicked off the light over his head and tried to get some sleep.


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