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Hey You

Posted on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 @ 3:57pm by Walter Jones & Charlotte Ashcroft

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Auction House Altari Prime

"Hey you!" A waiter called over towards Lottie. "We have a guests to take care of, I can't have you lollygagging with the clients, it looks bad. I have three orders that need to be filled, are you going to do it or am I going to have to send you back to clean the restrooms?"

The head maître d' walked haughtily over towards Lottie.

Still unsure by Jones' plan Lottie had forgotten her place until she was rudely reminded and bought back to the present. "Sorry I couldn't get away," she blagged hoping to escape the restroom duties and therefore miss the auction. "I'll take those orders if you'd like."

"There are two Lagashi that are in need of drinks and dinner service in the main waiting area. Go now, chop chop!" The man walked away to get onto someone elses case.

Pulling a face of displeasure Lottie moved away to fulfil the arduous task of keeping her cover. It could prove useful later to deal with security if they needed to pull something quickly. Stealing the ship would have been so much simply plus she wouldn't have to deal with the unpleasantness of the crowd.

The two Lagash waved her over, laughing as they did. Their eyes focused on her briefly as they reached for another drink. "Yuri look at this one!" They laughed a little bit as their robotic eyes focused on Lottie. "I am glad that they sent you over!" The taller of of the two had jet black hair, and several data nodes around his neck. The shorter of the two had replaced half of his face what appeared to be metal.

"I'm sure you are," Lottie replied coolly while watching the slightly freaky looking robotic eye practically pierce through her a suppressed a shudder.

The two Lagashi looked towards each other and then at the woman standing before them. "We didn't think it would be this easy to get you over here with us. We figured we would need to have some sort of extra subterfuge. You could of at least brought us another drink though."

The hair upon the back of her neck started to rise at the comment - did they somehow know who she was even under the false ID? She willed away the thought with a fake smile: "If you five me a moment I'll go and fix that drink."

The taller of the men, slightly kicked a chair out that was opposite of him. "Why don't you have a seat?"

The sudden scrape of chair made her flinch unexpectedly, Lottie glaceed over to the maître d' hoping for a bail out and swallowed down her rising fear of being rumbled.

The shorter of the two men looked at Lottie. "I won't blow your facade up, but let's just say that I know who you are, and the rest of your crew."

"I don't know what you mean," she blagged. "I think you have me mistaken with someone else. Let me just go and fix you some more drinks."

"Please do, and quick, I think it is going to get fairly interesting around here fairly quickly." The two looked at each other, no words exchanged before they nodded in agreement. "Best whiskey they have."

Lottie quickly slinked away glancing around for Walt or anyone else to warn them. Not finding them she sighed pouring out measures and considered her next move.

There was only two of them after all, though, there was no knowing who else was watching. Walt had certainly upset more people than she'd imagined.

Slamming down the whiskey bottle harder than she intended Lottie had little choice in having to go along with things for now.

"Ahh, thank you! You make a great waitress, though I wouldn't quit your day job. We won't blow your cover though." The shorter one grabbed the bottle and poured himself a drink. "Alright, now there isn't much time before I believe you will have to take your leave."

Remaining quiet Lottie grated her teeth disliking these creeps more by each passing moment.

"We need you to take this chip to someone who is an acquaintance of both of ours. Tell him the debt will be repaid. We can't be seen with him, but well, I think you are headed that way." The Lagash tossed an isolinear chip onto the table. "And of course your payment, I can't ask anyone to do something without compensation." The Lagsh tossed another chip onto the table.

Watching the two chips clatter on the table Lottie returned her gaze to the group unsettled by the turn of events. "Who is this acquaintance?" she asked.

"That one up there. Jones." The two Lagash turned back to each other and then back to Lottie before downing the whiskey in one sip. "We must be going now." The two stood up and wryly grinned. "It has been a pleasure working with you!" The pair turned and left, heading into the crowd milling about in the main hall.

Walt stepped out onto the concourse. The hustle and bustle of the Auction House had continued during their time bidding on the trinkets. He looked for Lottie who had been working the tables.

"Alright, let's get out of here quick, I don't think it is going to take either of them long to figure out what is going on."

Walt looked around, the entry hall was still packed to the brim with people. He spotted Lottie talking to two people at a table.


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