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Cleaning out the cobwebs

Posted on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 @ 4:20pm by Walter Jones & Jan Valentine & Langar Tarn & Charlotte Ashcroft & Bruce Air (PNPC)

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: SS Warden


[Main Concourse]

Walt stepped out onto the concourse. The hustle and bustle of the Auction House had continued during their time bidding on the trinkets. He looked for Lottie who had been working the tables.

"Alright, let's get out of here quick, I don't think it is going to take either of them long to figure out what is going on."

Walt looked around, the entry hall was still packed to the brim with people. He spotted Lottie talking to two people at a table.

She'd seen the signal, excused herself and hurriedly melting into the busy room.

"Alright, it's done." Jan said, slightly staggering around. "I've set up the switcheroo, and about a minute after that transfer goes through, their entire transaction system is gonna go crazy. Everyone here will get a notification that their transactions are declined and their accounts locked." Jan said, looking around.

"So, mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together kind of stuff right? Well, let's head towards the elevator, I want to be more or less on our way before that breaks out." Jones started motioned for the rest to follow when he was stopped by a bell hop in a red uniform.

"Mr. Jones, I have your artifact that you won." The bellhop was holding a box and presented it to Jones.

"Umm thanks kid." The captain took the package and handed the kid a slip.

The bellhop hung around for a moment, looking expectant.
Langar chuckled and tossed the lad a tip. As they turned to leave they were hailed.

"One moment please!" Two uniformed men approached the group, walking straight up to Langar. One held up a PaDD, glanced at it, then at Langar, he nodded to his companion.

"Mister Langar Tarn? House Security, would you please come with us sir." One said, the polite invitation clearly an order. The man flicked his eyes to his partner's waist level and back to Tarn's face.

Langar followed the look, the second man was holding a stubby barreled weapon at his hip, it was pointed directly at him.

"Nice and quietly please sir. We're a respectable Auction House, we wouldn't want to create a scene now would we" He held out his hand "And if you'd just...."

Langar paused for a moment, considering the odds, they were not good. He nodded "Of course" He slowly reached into his suit jacket and lifted out his own weapon, holding it by the butt between two fingers. He handed it over.

"Thank you sir." The man replied, Tarn's weapon firmly in his hand. "The rest of you are free to go, as long as Mister Langar comes with us" The politeness remained, but the threat was clear.

Langar looked to Jones, he shook his head, warning off any thoughts Jones might have had of intervening. "It's fine Captain, I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. I'll see you all later"

He stepped forward, the two Security parted to let him through. "I'm sure your business here is now concluded, the exit is that way. Good day to you" One said to Jones, the threat still present.

Then they turned and taking Langar by the elbows, led him away through the crowd towards an elevator. The doors opened and the three stepped into the lift, the doors closing behind them.

Jones turned towards the rest of the group. "Well, gotta rescue the ship, and we have to rescue Tarn now.."

"It constantly amazes me, how quickly people are to take things into their hand that is passed to them," Morgan mused. "Take that Bolian who shook my gloved hand. By now he is probably dribbling down his chin unable to remember his name."

A shark smile flashed its fin across his face and disappeared into the depths, "People really should be more careful."

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Walt stood and looked at the doctor.

"It's not important, Captain," Morgan assures him. "I make sure that I only touch you with my left glove, so you are fine."

He held up his right glove, as exhibit A. "My other has a very fine contact pathogen on it. Not-lethal, but in large enough doses can be significantly incapacitating."

"Alright, hopefully Tarn figures out where we are. Not leaving without him. What do we have left about 60 seconds before hell breaks loose?"Jones looked at his broken watch.

"More or less, probably less." Jan said, looking around nervously.

"I'd say less," Another voice hissed. Lottie had arrived looking flushed. "You've picked up an unwanted fan club," she explained hurriedly. "They'll behind us closing fast."

"What's new, we'll deal with that as it comes. Glad to have you back love." Jones grin was interrupted by the lift binging.

The lift doors opened revealing an empty car. "After you all." Walt watched as the others stepped. Before the doors could close, a loud klaxxon blared across the auction house, red warning lights appeared from the floor, and metal bars dropped across the front gates. The assembled mass of guests looked around frantically.

Jones hit the button.

"This elevator is no longer in service due to security protocols engaged. Please proceed to the nearest security station for safe evacuation."

"Any of you able to over ride it?" Jones grabbed his old padd from his pocket and attempted to pry the access panel off.

"Not a problem boss." Jan said, pulling out a a flat blade screw driver.

He stuck the screwdriver into the edge of the panel, and the glass panel tipped forward, a row of relays and chips glowing behind it. Switching a few chips around, the lift came back online.

"L-l-l-Level Please?" The machine asked.

"Main hanger concourse three two three." Jones smiled "See no problems! Everything's fine!"

"Please mind the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Jones kicked the panel. "ap" The doors closed.


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