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Posted on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 6:47am by Walter Jones
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Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Auction House - Side Parlor
Timeline: Current

"KURTAN! ON THE FIELD AFAR!" A Tamarian shouted as the Dabo wheel landed on his number.

"It is customary to shout Dabo sir." a Hupyrian slowly leaned down and reset the table. "Care to take another wager?"

"At the gates of Telaba, Rufa rose again!" The man hit the console as several people leaned around and watched the three rings slowly spin to a halt.

"KURTAN! ON THE FIELD AFAR!" The Tamarian shouted again. A Ferengi, who had watched this all unfold, leaned into one of the Dabo girls and whispered into her ear.

"Sir, would you care to triple down on this spin?" the Hupyrian motioned back to the Tamarian who smiled with glee

"Ooooh, you are doing so well!" Care if, I spin the next one for you?" The woman, who had been previously on the other end of the table moved towards the Tamarian and leaned into him.

"Silinda when the moon was full!" The Tamarian nodded.

"Alright, one, two!" She grabbed the Tamarian's hand and pushed it onto the button. "Three!" The wheels spun around, quickly at first and then slowly, until finally stopping."

"I'm sorry sir, the third time is not the charm." The Hupyrian moved the pieces of latinum from the betting area. The Ferengi smiled, the Tamarian cried.

"How do they say it in your language? "Kiazi's children, their faces wet". The Ferengi moved over to comfort his new friend, stood smiling.

The Tamarian scowled at the Ferengi, "Zinda, his face black, his eyes red!"

"It's ok friend, here, have a drink on me." The Ferengi held out a data padd and motioned towards the thumb print.

"Temba, his arms wide." The man placed his thumb on the padd before heading off towards the bar.

All had been going well, profits up, winnings for the gamblers down, holosuite rentals up. Lobac walked around and watched as his employees worked the tables. The participants were having fun, but they didn't have to know that the odds were stacked ninety percent in the houses favor. Let them win once in a while, and they'll tell their friends.

This was a far cry from the small gambling dens that he had set up in the Gamma Quadrant, people here had latinum, and they were free with it. As long as the allusion was kept up that they could win once in a while. It was all carefully crafted, with Lobac in the middle. A grand Nagus in his own world.

"Lobac! Lobac! Something's wrong." A short man ran up to him, almost knocking the Ferengi over.

"Shhhhhh, can't you see I'm thinking." Lobac started to move away before being grabbed by the arm.

"No! Listen, we just had ten people hit triple Dabos, and the payment system is on the fritz! Everything is getting undercharged and reversed! We've lost almost twelve hundred bars in the last five minutes.

"Twelve hundred?" Lobac's ears twitched.

"DABO!" Another shout came from one of the wheels.

"Shut it down, shut it down now!" The Ferengi started to panic.

"What about the people who won?"

"Report them to station security, they must be cheating!" Lobac started to pace.

"Dabo!" Another table.

"Dabo!" Another table at the far end.

"Attention! Attention!" Lobac could barely be heard above the sounds of the Dabo tables. Most of the attendees stopped betting at their own games and moved to the tables.

"Boss?" The Human looked on in horror as every table was yelling Dabo.

"That's it!" Lobac scurried over the bar. He quickly ripped a painting off the wall revealing a lever. When he pulled the lever, all of the tables shut down, the slot machines silenced, the lights dark.

"Everyone out! No one gets paid, all of these winnings were made under false pretenses!" The Ferengi had climbed on top of the bar. "Further more.."

He was stopped by the loud alarm klaxxon of the Auction house. "Security measures in place, please proceed to the designated safe evacuation areas in the main lobby. Please move cautiously and carefully"

Some of the guests screamed as they began to run for the exits. Within a few moments, the room was empty except for Lobac, a handful of Dabo Girls, Trent, his assistant, and the Hupyrian who was now finishing one of the Patron's drinks.

"Boss, I was able to bring the payment system up, total loss was nine thousand bars, four from winnings and about five that are unaccounted for, our entire account is frozen and unavailable." Trent handed Lobac a padd.

"I want you to find out who did this, and bring them to me! They'll pay for this!" Lobac snarled as he grabbed a Slug-o-Cola from under the bar. "They'll pay, I don't know who they are, but they'll pay."


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