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Repaying old debts...

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2009 @ 1:52am by Tyl'varas Shrive

Mission: Recruitment
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 1 week ago

Shrive had been pacing up and down the Bridge for about a half an hour. He couldn't help but be anxious for the ship to get underway. On top of that, he had received a brief message late last night, and had been visibly angered ever since. The message simply stated:

"Being transported within the next 2 months. Will send more more info. You owe me."

He started to run diagnostics on some of the newly installed federation consoles that had been retrofitted onto the bridge, hoping that he could distract himself from thinking of the message.

It was starting to look like this might be a more complicated time than he had hoped...


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