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The New Assistant Engineer

Posted on Fri Jun 26th, 2009 @ 8:37pm by William "Billy" Decker

Mission: Recruitment
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


*Clank* *Baaang* The sounds coming from underneath the main engineering console were loud for most of the day. Fortunately the Warden had been built like an old iron rig. Billy Decker took a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow, when he noticed the time on his wrist-cron. His new assistant was due to arrive onboard any minute. He wanted to meet him at the airlock. Decker slid out from underneath the console, stood up, and wiped the grease and grime from his hands. The Captain would probably like a status report pretty soon - Decker though. He left Main Engineering, on his way to the starboard airlock, to meet his new Assistant Engineer.

The light next to the airlock computer terminal was lit green. His newbie was waiting just on the other side of the airlock umbilical. With these old umbilicals, you had to manually open up the doors on each end, one at a time, to equalize the pressure properly. Decker hit the release for the Wardens outer airlock door. It hissed open, again popping both the new guy's and his ears.

"Wow, it kinda makes ya dizzy, huh? Wasn't ready for dat" The young blonde haired boy said, with a thick Russian accent. "My name is Yari Kirzchev, your new Assistant, Sir"

Decker eyed the boy curiously, wondering what a boy his age was doing in this part of the galaxy. He was suprise it hadn't ate him up and spit him out yet. "...Decker" He replied. "...The name's Billy Decker. You don't need to call me Sir. Leave that shit for the Capt'n" He thrust out a hand, to shake his new assistant's.

The two shook hands, as Decker closed the outer airlock door, and they made their way to the boy's new quarters, all the while Yari was telling his new boss of all the travels that had brought him to this ship. He'd seen a hard life, but for some reason, Decker could see a strong will in this young man, underneath the friendly, and joking, personality.

"Where here" Decker said, finally, as they stopped at the boy's door. "This is your room. You get your own, but don't get used to it. If we take on more personnel, you'll likely have to share it with someone."

"That's sounds fair, Mr. Decker. It sure is good to finally be aboard. It's been a wery long trip..."

"Yup, I know. You told me. Just put your things away and meet me in an hour, in Main Engineering. Just go to the end of the corridor, make a right, and follow the signs."

"Aye, aye, Mr. Decker. In an hour then." Yari replied, still smiling.

Decker turned, stopped to say something, then continued on down to Main Engineering. He didn't know what to think of his new assistant. He seemed like a green-behind-the-ears boy who didn't know the first thing about warp engines, ...or maybe he was wrong. Maybe the boy know a good deal about them. He would wait and see.



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