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New Beginnings

Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2009 @ 11:33am by Sky Summers

Mission: Recruitment

Sky had only been on the station for a few hours, it was supposed to have been a quick stop over while she attended a ball with Lord Vankesh of Ligo Three, but now it looked like it might be a longer stay than she had thought.
Absently she ran a hand through her long hair, brushing it from her face so she could read the report again.


Aft Propulsion Manifold

Repair cost six hundred credits

Port side Inducers

Replacement cost two thousand credits ( Three standard weeks wait)


"This just isn't my day", she whispered to herself. It worked out better for her to sell the Blue Moon and try and book passage on a freighter back to Risa. Granted she hadn't heard her fill of life stories, but she had to weigh up her options. She would never make enough money on her old shuttle, or she didn't have enough stored away to even allow her to buy the sort of ship she would need to carry on her studies, as well as her chosen career. It was expected of Risan escorts to have a lavish vessel. The best she could hope for was an old Klingon shuttle.

Once again in total exasperation she ran her hand through her hair and looked back to the engineer in front of her. "Is there nothing else I can do?" she asked him, playing on the helpless women card.
"Well...", the young man was captured by her charm, "If you want my opinion, sell her and try and get a berth on a freighter. A lot of Companions do that now".

It backed up what she had thought herself, but could she really live on a freighter. Then it hit her. Freighter Captains are always looking for ways to make money, maybe she could find a ship with shuttles and suggest renting one from the Captain.

Once her mind was made it took very little time to sell the Blue Moon to the engineer for his own use, it broke her heart as it was her first home away from Risa, but situations being as they are, she had to move on. What better time to grab a bull by the horns and tackle the situation, or as it might be with this sort of person, Tackle the bull by grabbing his horn.

She didn't have to look very far as she was already wandering around the 'lower class' end of the docking complex. The smells and shouts of the darker side of the federation was all around her, and standing in her golden flowing gown, she look out of place, and was gaining a lot of male attention, most of it unwanted.

Finding the first console she could, feeling somewhat exposed dressed as she was and not carrying her side arm, the sooner she could escape from here the better.
She asked the computer to call up what freighters were docked that had a supply of shuttles. The list was endless, and the reputations of most were very colorful. Criminal warrants and the wanted seemed to be the order of things, until she found one. A thirty year old Cardassian freighter, elegant old lines, strong features and most of all, no reputation to follow it.

It struck her as the best, or in actual fact, the only choice available to her. Now all she had to do was find the ship, talk the captain into allowing her to rent one of his shuttles, and agree to pay him what he wanted without resorting to using her training and skills in her chosen career. Easy.


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