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Fast Travel

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 5:08am by Bruce Air (PNPC)

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!

The Nausican collided heavily with the old human man nearly knocking him to the ground.

"Watch yourself, runt ," She growled at the fragile figure who clutched his long brown coat to himself protectively.

Morgan mumbled an apology, knowing full well the Nausican had swerved to hit him, but wanting desperately not to be noticed by the new Starfleet security detachment.

He moved away, feeling inside his coat that the three vials were still safe and unbroken. He breathed a sigh of relief. His insurance was still in place.

He moved unnoticed through the crowd till he reached the flight operations desk, where a harassed Andorian was trying to handle a variety of customers simultaneously. Morgan joined the cue, behind an overweight Bolian. He shifted slightly to keep the blue bulk between himself and the Security Ensigns who were patrolling.

"Yes?" the Andorian barked at him when it was his turn.

"I am in need of.." Morgan began quietly.

"What?" The Andorian demanded. "Speak up."

Morgan winced slightly at the loudness. He tried again slightly louder, "I find myself in need of transport off world."

"Where to?" The Andorian checked a display.

"Anywhere," Morgan admitted, adding a practiced lie. "I have an ex-wife i am keen to avoid."

"Huh," the Andorian snorted. "I hear that!" With four people involved in Andorian unions, the ex-partner dynamics were possibly the worst for any species. "No flights out today. We have a Shuttle leaving for Betazed in two days..."

"I... would rather be heading out of the Federation, than deeper in..." Morgan hazarded.

The Andorian shook his head, "Nothing heading out for the rest of the week. Starfleet is cracking down on traffic, trying to make its presence felt no wit is out this far."

"They are certainly doing that," Morgan glanced behind him. An older security woman was watching the scene and it made him uncomfortable.

The Andorian noticed the look. Perhaps he misunderstood, and thought the Security officer was the Ex Morgan was trying to avoid. For whatever reason he was struck by a feeling of generosity.

"Look, buddy, there are no scheduled flights out, but..." he leaned in, "there is a ship auction on later today. New Captain's might be willing to take passengers for quick cash, or even hire on some crew if you have any skills."

Morgan sagged with relief, "Thank you."

"No problem. And don't worry," the Andorian winked, nodding a head towards security, "I won't mention it to anyone who might spread the word."

Morgan smiled and nodded, moving off without another word. He fingered the vials inside his coat. It may be that he would be able to make it off station without killing everyone after all.

When he arrived in the audit house, he was stopped breifly by the Doorman, but was allowed to pass after showing his Doctor's ID. He sidled into the back into as dark an inconspicuous a corner as he could find. He picked up the buyers guide that was resting on his seat and hid behind it, pretending to scan it.

Then his eyes fell on a familiar name and his eyes widened. He glanced around at the back of the heads of the others who had assembled. None of them he recognized yet. Surely Jones would be here to reclaim his property.

Oh, but then again, Jones would arrive late and make an entrance.

Dr Morgan Pass settled back to wait, watching the ornate double doors for the inevitable....


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