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Alcohol and auctions never mix

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 6:42am by Jan Valentine

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Auction House, Altari Prime
Timeline: current

An auction house is not a great place for a drink. One minute you could be knocking back cocktails by the bar, enjoying the spectacle of people in fancy clothes and exaggerated personalities gambling away their money, betting who will walk away with some antique like it's a trophy to their lifestyle. And before you realize it, you're drunkenly waving your number in the air, shouting the largest numbers your pickled brain can muster, bidding on the most expensive or worst items in the catalogue.

Jan sat back at corner of the marble top bar, his "borrowed" suit not quite fitting perfectly. Sipping on a Singapore Sling, he scanned around the room lazily with his eyepiece, gleaming information and pilfering loose digital money from many an unsecured connection around him. Lowlife riff-raff were kept far away from this reputable establishment, so internal security was light. A few strips here and there would go unnoticed in the mass of drink orders, bidding wars, credit checks, and bank statements that floated around the room unseen.

He'd been at the bar for hours, occasionally bidding on some of the random crap that passed by the auction feed. He ordered another round, and out of the corner of his eye noticed what could be a familiar face or two in the sea of people.

"I do believe my friends have arrived" He slurred to the bartender, turning to leave, collins glass in hand.

"Sir, your tab is still open, would you like to close it out now?" The bartender, a stocky Bolian with a shiny forehead called out.

Jan staggered slightly, stopping mid stride, and leaned close to the bartender.

"C-Close it out." Jan said, motioning to the interface on his eyepiece.

The bartender pulled out a small padd, and held it near the eyepiece, a beep and hum signalling a successful transaction.

"Enjoy the rest of the auction sir!" He said, placing the pad back under the bar top.

"Ohh, I will, things are gonna get alot more interesting around here." Jan said, wandering off towards the crowd.


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