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Hey you! What's your name again?

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 9:29pm by Langar Tarn

Mission: Set 3: Session 1- Sold!
Location: Auction House Imperial Lounge


[The Imperial lounge]

"Hey you! What's your name again?! Lounger isn't it? Yeah, go get us another bottle! Pronto!" A voice cut through the polite conversation in the exclusive Imperial Lounge at the quadrant's premier auction house. The voice was pitched a little too high, a little too loud and way too annoying for the recipient's liking.

The voice belonged to Delahkin Froodle, the only son of a Resian Hotel magnet, a very rich and powerful hotel magnet. Who had made his money on the way up with some less than salubrious deals with less that salubrious people and now needed somebody to keep his spoiled brat of an heir out of trouble.

The recipient, a tall stocky Bajoran male, in his mid forties, was stood three feet away, with his back to the wall, in a relaxed but alert position, feet shoulder width apart, hands held easy near his waist for quick access to the Romulan compact disrupter hidden in the folds of the jacket of the expensive black suit he wore. His head turned slowly from side to side as he scanned the throng of rich clients in the lounge, the eyes hidden behind a dark visor.

A threat here was unlikely he knew but the auction house was nothing if not accommodating, they didn't care who you were, just whether or not you could afford their services. Anyone with money could buy their way in and there were plenty of people with a lot of money who did not care much for Froodle Senior and might like to piss him off by having a go a Froodle Junior.

Without stopping his observation the recipient replied 'It's Langar Delahkin and your father didn't hire me to be your waiter"

"That's Mister Froodle to you Lounger! And you do as I tell you! Get us another bottle!" Us was Froodle Junior and the three scantily clad young women who were squashed into the booth with him.
They giggled and cooed as Froodle berated the hired help.

"I do as your Father tells me, Delahkin, because he pays me, not you" Langar replied "Call a waiter or send one of your floosies and stop bothering me while I'm working" This brought shrieks of indignation from the girls

"You're not going to let him talk to us like that are you Deli darling?" One wheedled, shooting Langar a nasty smirk

"My father won't live for ever you know!" Froodle replied haughtily, trying to impose his authority on his bodyguard. "Then you'll work for me and do everything I say! Perhaps I'll make you my personal valet?!"
This drew giggles and snickers from the floozies.

"Not going to happen Deli" Langar replied "And if you don't stop distracting me maybe I won't see the one who comes to stop you living longer than your father" He gave the annoying young man a thin grin.

"My father would have you skinned alive!" Froodle cried out angrily

"Maybe, but I'm not sure even your dad likes you that much Deli. Anyway, you wouldn't be around to find out. Now call a waiter and leave me alone"

"I'll have you fired!" Froodle threatened "Just wait until we get back to Risa and I tell my father how rude you are to me!"

"Yeah, you said that last time Deli and your father gave me a raise" Langar sighed and just tuned out his charge, returning to monitoring the crowd of rich clients guzzling down the free food and liquor.

He looked across the room towards the Imperial Lounge entrance, where two burley auction house bouncers kept out the riff raff. He caught a glimpse of a profile he had not seen in years a tall Human male, brown hair, brown eyes, dressed in a rumpled suit with what appeared to be piece of wire for a tie. Jones, Walter Jones. Captain Walter Jones! Captain of the SS Warden.

Jones passed by the entrance without a glance, clearly on route to somewhere. That face brought back a few memories. He wondered what the man was doing here, probably buying a ship no doubt, but then what had happened to the old Warden? Jones had loved that ship and owned it for years.

Any further reminiscing was interrupted by Froodle who got up and, with gaggle of girls in tow, decided it was time to go and spend some of his father's money on a fancy new toy.

"Come on Lounger Perhaps I'll have you wash and polish the new yacht I'm buying!" He jeered and set off through the crowd, Langar moving up to his usual trailing position.

To be continued...


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