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Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2009 @ 5:08pm by Sky Summers & Walter Jones & Tyl'varas Shrive & Brian Mallory

Mission: Recruitment

The hustle and bussle of the docking complex was wearing thin on her deliacte senses, and constantly being leared at by the less reputable gentlemen of this end of the galaxy was really wearing thin. But finally her destination was in sight. The large plexiglass window showed a vista of a older class of Cardassian freighter. Most would look upon it as ugle and pass it by without so much as a glance. Sky however saw the possiblities and multitude of destinations that would now be in her reach, assuming she could talk the Captain into what she wanted.

She lifted her dress as she stepped over a green slimy puddle of something, she didn't care to stop and find out what and finished her small journey to the information console outside of the docking umbillicals.

She found an older gentleman tending to some of the equipment crates that had been left outside. "Excuse me, but I'm looking for the captain of this vessel".

"Depends on who is asking I guess" he turned around and saw a strikingly beautiful woman standing before him. He didn't immediately reach for his knife, she was too gorgeous to be an assassin, or a debt collecterm, and she wasn't dressed the part either. If she was going to kill him he'd probably have time to stop her. "Depends on what you need really, he's a crazy old man who doesn't liked to be bothered much." He smiled at the woman. What the hell is someone like her doing in a place like this? he thought to himself.

Upon hearing the conversation starting, Shrive walked up, hand on his disruptor pistol, and slowly made his way towards Walter. Making no effort to conceal his hand on the weapon, he simply stated, "I don't think we need any 'services', pinkskin, but I'm curious as to why you are wandering around asking for the captain."

Rising above the fired insult and keeping her placid smile in lace she looked to the Human stood before her. "I'm Sky Summers, and as your Andorian friend has already stated I am a companion". She bobbed slightly on the spot after she had introduced herself. "I have a business proposition for you, and it involves me renting one of our shuttles and running my business from your ship. I can aford to pay a fair price, and it would bring a respectability to your ship you may not otherwise have. Not to mention contacts in circles you may not otherwise be able to get involved with".

She was concise and direct, hoping that her direct approach would help sell herself to the Human. The Andorian troubled her though.
Her hand slipped through the layers of her dress, and out of sight of the Andorian, so she could get a tight grip on the hilt of her knife, just incase he took the chance to dispose of her. She didn't trust this type, but they were a means to an end.

Shrive's antennae drooped down slightly, and squinted his eyes in an inquisitive look. "So, you'd like us to run a brothel on board? Outstanding." Looking towards Walter, he said, "I think she said that we were unsavory. Just wait until she meets the captain." Glancing back at the woman, he spat out, "I was unaware that they let you wear so much clothing. All the better, though. It's offensive to run around looking like a tramp. None the less, you can present your offer to me. I'm the XO on this heap, and if there's a bargain to be given, I'm sure that you can enlighten me and my friend here. Oh, and keep your hands where I can see them."

"Well you have my proposition", she smiled again keeping her tone light. "And thats the last time you imply that I'm a whore".
Slowly she moved towards the Andorian. "I am a companion, that means I offer my company. If that company leads to a more intimate encounter then that is my business, not yours. I will operate from your vessel, but my business will be my business and I will keep it contained to the shuttle".
She looked the Andorian square in the eyes. "I will also request that any business I do while in dock will be left uninterrupted".
She looked back to the Human, still wearing her smile. "I will also ask for complete autonomy. This shuttle will be my home, and I will not be servicing any of your crew or yourself. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement as I said before, I can bring a certain respectability to your ship, and contacts you may not otherwise be able to find".

Jones watched the two of them go back and forth, essentially at each others throats. He kind of enjoyed watching the exchange between the two of them though if he didn’t say something soon, one of them was probably going to walk away with a few extra holes in them. “Tylv, I think we can cut her a break, she seems like a respectable business woman just trying to get ahead. Not all of us are cut of a life of thieving and unscrupulous work” He turned and looked at Sky. “I’m Walter Jones, captain of this vessel, I think your proposals sound… fair.” Jones walked a bit closer to Sky, “Besides… a certain... symbiotic relationship might be good for the both of us. We’ve got two cargo class shuttlecraft and a planetary skiff that you could potentially check out.”

Looking dejected, Tyl'varas simply stated, "I suppose we can assign the Vulcan to clean up after her and her... clients." Turning away, he headed back towards his quarters, grumbling something unintelligeble as he walked away.

Looking at the Captain, again with the same playful smile tugging at her lips. "Nice to see I've made a friend".
she let a small laugh escape her lips before continuing the discussions with the Captain. "So, do we have a deal Captain?".

"I think we've got a deal. We'll work out some of the finer points later, go talk to my Pilot, you are going to have to try and convince him to part with one his babies."


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