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Welcome to the machine...

Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2010 @ 10:03pm by Walter Jones & Jan Valentine

Mission: Interlude SB-611
Location: Warden

Jones reached for another apple and frowned when he realized that it was nearly rotted through. He grabbed the data padd and started to take notes and looked up at Jan.

"So.... the old girl... took a little bit of a beating huh? Good thing you are one of the best engineering minds I've ever run across." Jones leaned back in the chair a bit and took poured a small glass of whiskey for himself. "So what is first?"

Jan chucked the bland nutri-pack into the trash, landing with a thud at the bottom of the can.

"Well, the warp core is mostly repaired, and I still have a few things to take care of inside the starboard nacelle." Jan said.

He took another drink from his bottle, and put it back into his coat.

"Main power should be back online by the end of the week, I might need some help with that though, so if you or anyone else in the crew can assist that would be great." Jan said.

"I can help you out with that I still know my way around the old girl pretty well mechanicly." Jones smiled. "So you said most of the gear the feds gave us is fubar right? Is there anything that we are going to be able to salvage?"

"Yeah, a few power couplings, two of the phaser cannons, the shield generator if I can repair it, and a half dozen EPS relays. The warp core and main reactor components are shot to hell, and the lateral sensors are junk." Jan said, glancing at the flexible screen on his coat sleeve.

"Our hull integrity is another matter, several bulkheads have collapsed, we still have several sections open to space, multiple breaches, and the starboard airlock is...gone. I can seal the breaches with junk in the cargo holds, once I get an EVA suit back in operation, and the bulkheads are easy to repair, but the airlock will require a refit. We don't have the manpower or equipment to refit the airlock. However, I did happen to notice an auxiliary docking port on the starboard side in the schematics, it's in dis-repair, but I can get it operational in a day or two...would save us a few dozen bars of latinum." Jan said.

"Sounds good, I can rustle up some of the other parts from the station and a few of the contacts that I have over there." Jones rubbed his face a bit almost in disbelief almost in as he was tired. "Well, I've got a few favors I can pull in too, I don't want another one of the fiascoes we had with the feds but I think there was one or two over there that weren't trying to kill us at every turn. Get her kind of space worthy, I'll can start working on the starboard airlock, and there is a small station just outside of Klingon space that I think we'll be able to get some of the other parts we need for the old hunk of shit."

"I'll start repairs to the hull in the morning, right now I could use some sleep. I haven't been in my quarters for a week, usually I just conk out on top of a bulkhead, or under a conduit, I won't lie...its been difficult managing all the repairs myself. Anyway, that should about do it really, I'll remove and sell the broken federation equipment when we dock, I'll make up a parts request form, and we should be back in business within the next 2 weeks." Jan said.

Jan got up and started to leave, then turned back to Walter.

"Oh, one last thing, what are we going to do with that prisoner we liberated from the station? Will we put her in the brig once they're operational?" Jan said.

"Ohh yeah.. her.. we've got a few guest quarters down on deck 2 that I can have her stay in. I think she's going to stay with us. You'll have your room back by tonight hopefully I'm sorry that it has taken so long."

"It's fine, like I said, I haven't even been to my quarters for a week or so. I just hope she didn't try to tap into my data buffer cube." Jan said.


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