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Hugs in space!

Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2010 @ 11:13am by Walter Jones & Jan Valentine & Kyle Bowman & Charlotte Ashcroft & Max Sainexs & Tyl'varas Shrive & Martok & T'ali Alaya'an

Mission: Interlude SB-611
Location: Planet of Hugland
Timeline: April fools

Jones stepped out into the squishy hugland of hugland, raindrops and lollypops cascaded down in a beautiful rain of love and peace.

Small cute Japanese kittens walked playfully across the plain.

"Ahh friends! We have arrived!" Jones walked up to each of the crew and handed them a bow. "put this on your head! It will be cute!"

T'ali walked up to one of the Kitten and just looked at it. Suddenly she lashed out with her boot sending it flying, "GOAL," she screamed running around like a scazy soccer fan and pulling her shirt over her head.

"KITTENS!!!!" Martok yelled running out to play with them.

Another kitten stood upon Shrive's shoulder, playfully batting at his antennae.

"I picked a hell of a day to quit amphetamines..." Jan said, injecting himself with a 2 ft long syringe.

Lottie glared at the bow Jones had handed to her wordlessly. With a lopsided grin he tied it himself into ther hair then dropped aa kitten into her arms.
The normally cute, cudly and fluffy animal turned its soft, pleading eyes to Lottie and mewed softly...then in a flash it leaped with its claws extended and proceded to scratch at the womans face.
Surprised Lottie threw the kitten aside where it continued to scratch and chase her as she ran around the room until with a bump she crashed into T'ali running around blndly.

"Ahhh they are so cute!!" Jones laughed and started to frolic through the open medows.

Jones sat up in bed screaming, he looked around the small cabin and wiped the cold sweat from his head. He looked around and saw that it was still the middle of the night.

"God.. I need to stop drinking so much."


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