Session 5: Rush

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10 Million bars of gold pressed Latinum....

That is the price that has been put on the Warden and her crew, and every bounty hunter in the galaxy has heard about it. From the lowest of the low to the real professionals. Friends will become enemies, enemies become friends, when cold hard cash is put on the line.

Will the crew escape with their lives? Or will one of the multitude of entities that are coming after them get a say? And who put this large sum on their heads? Who could want them dead so much as to blow a fortune on them?

Also, how in the hell did Park come back?

Start Date Thu Jun 9th, 2011 @ 2:31am
End Date Sun Feb 12th, 2012 @ 1:31am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
4 way split
by Heather Osier & Cab-Cantos Hajj No & James Sullivan & Martok & Jan Valentine
Deep space
Rock sweet home...
by Walter Jones & Charlotte Ashcroft & Jan Valentine & Morgan Pass & Sky Summers & Bruce Air (PNPC)
Jone's safe house
The Business Proposition
by James Sullivan
Five Days After Leaving DS4 Three Lightyears From DS4
Limping in
by Walter Jones & Bruce Air (PNPC)
Jones Safehouse
Time To Collect
by James Sullivan
Deep Space Four, The 2&2 Lounge
Dodge The Hail
by Sky Summers & Charlotte Ashcroft & Walter Jones
Hiding in plain sight
by Walter Jones & Jan Valentine
In The Mirror
by Jan Valentine & Krall Masayaf
Darkstar Bar
Knock Knock.
by Lieutenant Mnheia t'Llaiir & Cab-Cantos Hajj No & Walter Jones & Charlotte Ashcroft & Bruce Air (PNPC) & Jan Valentine & Morgan Pass
The Warden
Despite all my rage
by Heather Osier
Deep space
A pleasure doing business with you.
by Dockmaster Smythe & Cab-Cantos Hajj No
After the Vulcan incident
Sorry for the mess...
by Walter Jones
On a more private note...
by Walter Jones & Charlotte Ashcroft & Cab-Cantos Hajj No
by Walter Jones
Bounty round up studios
Greetings and Salutations!
by Cab-Cantos Hajj No & Charlotte Ashcroft & Morgan Pass & Walter Jones & Jan Valentine & Bruce Air (PNPC)
On the Warden
Rain Drenched Sky's
by Sky Summers
Neptune Base - Thalassa Moon - Sol System
An opportunity for payback
by Jan Valentine & Krall Masayaf
SS Groth
Insurance fraud
by Dockmaster Smythe
Business is picking up
by Tyl'varas Shrive & Walter Jones
That's my ship...
by Heather Osier
Highly Illogical pt.2
by Cab-Cantos Hajj No & Lieutenant Mnheia t'Llaiir
Highly Illogical pt.1
by Cab-Cantos Hajj No
New opportunities
by Walter Jones
Trade guild headquarters - Lagash
by Walter Jones
Guild Mining outpost

Mission Summary

Bounty hunters are tracking the crew of the Warden, are they safe anywhere? The ship is currently docked at a guild mining outpost to pick up some supplies before moving back out.